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(with S.Shulgin) “Institutions, Democracy and Growth in tthe very Long Run” (forthcoming, Acta Oeconomica 2012)
(2008 version of the text: K. Yanovskiy and S. Shulgin “Institutions, Democracy and Growth: A Long Run Analysis”

McMahon G. (ed.), M.Dabrowski, V.Mau, Yanovskiy K. et al “Understanding Market Reforms Volume 2: Motivation, Implementation and Sustainability” Palgrave Macmillan, 2006 (Association of researchers “Global development network» project “Understanding Reforms”)

(with with V. Mau, S. Zhavoronkov, D. Cherny et al) The Deregulation of the Russian Economy // Problems of Economic Transition, vol. 45, no. 5, September 2002, pp. 5–66. M.E. Sharpe, Inc.

(with V.Mau) Political and Legal Factors of Economic Growth in Russian Regions // Post-Communist Economies, Vol. 14, No. 3, 2002

Kyrgyzstan at a New Stage of Development. United Nations Development Program. September 2005   (Edited by Marek Dabrowski)

Forthcoming: A.Korhonen, D.Lehrer (ed), V.Mau, Yanovskiy K. et. al.  “Western Aid in Postcommunism. Effects and Side-Effects” (article “Postcommunist Assistance Programs: Analyzing Factors Affecting Efficiency”) Palgrave Macmillan, NY, 2012

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