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USSR 1933 Famine statistics

USSR Famine 1932-33 casualties  – demographic estimate Демографическая оценка числа жертв голода 1932-33 гг. В СССР   Number, thousand people; тыс. человек Россия Russia 2150 Украина Ukraine 4000 Казахстан Kazakhstan 1000 Source:  Andreev, E.M., Darsky, L.E., Kharkova, T.L. “Demographic History of … Continue reading

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Will the West Survive untill 2084?

Currently Russion version of the scientific popular articles collection, just published in the Karney Shomron, Israel are available on this site: 2084_west_cover (the cover) and 2084_west the text. The additional data and in depth study will be available soon (initially in Russian) here: … Continue reading

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