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Measuring de facto Constitutional constraints: the article just published

Journal of Constitutional Political Economy just published on-line our article “A Proposal for a More Objective Measure of De Facto Constitutional Constraints”. Simple and easily correctable measures of institutions are based on observable / detectable events, not on the experts’ … Continue reading

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“How Butter beats the Guns” is published ב”ד

After years of hysterical or totally senseless reviews and editors’ reactions we got from economic journals we had switched to military ones. Now we have got this very important for us publication in the Czech military Journal “Defence and Strategy” … Continue reading

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Do you want to buy quality goods? Deregulate!

Are you, mostly, happy with Chinese quality? Really? Here is one of the explanations why you are almost definitely not. People of another culture often simply fail to understand you wishes and requirements (to say nothing of the language barrier, … Continue reading

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The Promise kept: great choice of president Trump

Liberal web-outlet  Voxcom has published pretty useful article on the cost of Clinton failure for the American Lefts:  “missed chance to reshape Supreme Court for a generation“. The author, BTW, points out, that some republican presidents nominees in the SCOTUS had chosen … Continue reading

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Few notes for my Jewish friends, perplexed by Trump

People ask themselves: what has really happened? What will happen to us since Trump elected? I believe nothing REALLY bad hasn’t happened, since the end of the primaries. Obama’s landmarks. No any doubt both candidates were better than person who … Continue reading

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The Torah as the source of economic freedom and its sustainability

At first glance, the Torah does not address the issues of economic and social order (surely, it does not discuss distinctions between free capitalist and socialist approaches). Talmudic sources, occasionally restricting economic freedom, often reflected realities of communities which survived … Continue reading

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Will the West Survive Until 2084? Israel perspective – updated version

Updated (edited) versions of previously published book are just uploaded The book approaches and ideas is developed and promoted in the Israel by the brochure “Will the West Survive until 2084? On the problems and Perspectives of the Family, Private Property and the State”. … Continue reading

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Crime and Punishment: Jeff Jacoby comment

Here is highly recommended article written by Jeff Jacoby on punishment deterrence capacity and his  link onexcellent collection of scientific articles on the issue. Classical paper by Isaak Ehrlich  (1975) must be added to the above mentioned list of papers. BTW, both, dead … Continue reading

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Revisiting US military Aid for Israel: new voices of concern

More and more people publicly share their concern about incentives caused by US military aid for Israel. The problem we had discussed since 2011 (Yanovskiy Moshe, US Aid for Israel – A Historical Overview (version on March 3, 2014). Ex-ambassador Yoram Ettinger … Continue reading

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One Year of Government 34 of Israel: Leading Parties’ Positions on Key Issues

Fourteen months has passed since the day of elections and more than one year since Government 34 of Israel has been sworn in 14 May, 2015 – long enough for the various political parties to demonstrate their readiness to live … Continue reading

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