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The Cologne New year: “where the men?”

The people asked after the event: “Where were German Policemen December, 31″? The smart journalist is asking the more general question on Cologne: ”Where were the German men?” (the same question from US journalist). The journalist’s own answer: “Postmodern cultural … Continue reading

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Capitalism and Greed. Our Greed

Moshe Feiglin wrote: “It is our gas!” cry the witch-hunters. Every reporter, publicist and populistic MK have suddenly morphed into Robin Hood – robbing the rich to give to the poor. But if they are so right, why aren’t they … Continue reading

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Why some minorities are more equal than others?

Why not all minorities are “minor enough”; why unfair enforcement is fair for somebody: here is 1st draft of the new paper “The Puzzle of Selectivity in Fighting Discrimination: A Public Choice Approach”. Advocates of the war against discrimination and … Continue reading

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Who told this? Test yourself!

The right answer one could find here. “You can’t go waving two banners at once, both of defense and of social reform“ On July 6, 1976, in a speech made at the funeral of Yonatan Netanyahu, an outstanding fighter, military … Continue reading

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USSR 1933 Famine statistics

USSR Famine 1932-33 casualties  – demographic estimate Демографическая оценка числа жертв голода 1932-33 гг. В СССР   Number, thousand people; тыс. человек Россия Russia 2150 Украина Ukraine 4000 Казахстан Kazakhstan 1000 Source:  Andreev, E.M., Darsky, L.E., Kharkova, T.L. “Demographic History of … Continue reading

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