2nd World Congress of the Public Choice Societies, Miami: reports and data

Here is reports and some data prepared for the Congress by  M.(K.) Yanovskiy, Y. Socol, I.Zatcovetsky and our Russian colleagues S.Zhavoronkov and G.Syunyaev. 

1.  Failure to supply pure public good “defense” in a multi-polar nuclear world by M.(K.) Yanovskiy, Y. Socol  and G.Syunyaev 

2.   Israel and Terrorist organizations 2005-2011: Political competition, “Social Justice” revolt and Government’s reactions on terror   by M.(K.) Yanovskiy, I.Zatcovetsky, S.Zhavoronkov 

Israel Knesset Elections History (incl. General elections 2009)

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