Do you want to buy quality goods? Deregulate!

Are you, mostly, happy with Chinese quality? Really?

Here is one of the explanations why you are almost definitely not. People of another culture often simply fail to understand you wishes and requirements (to say nothing of the language barrier, causing the problems more grave, than you are currently experiencing, reading this text).

I was told by my friends a numerous stories about  huge problem for Asian colleagues simply to acknowledge their mistake. This problem makes the process of the mistakes corrections harder and, eventually, it harms the goods and services quality.

The principal explanation of the quality degradation, currently observable, comes to this:

  1. disappearance of reference-class quality goods made in the old industrialized countries – the countries of high manufacturing culture;
  2. The competition has been weakened drastically since manufacturing escaped from the Europe and US, pressed by new generation of regulations: antitrust, “green” and antidiscrimination laws and enforcement;
  3. The decline in competition intensity caused the decline in the goods’ quality.

I guess, you know some people among your friends, ready to buy high quality, reliable goods at high price, but pretty often they simply haven’t choice.

So, do you want to buy traditional American quality goods at affordable price? Deregulate!

Stop to punish the most successful companies for their successes, let the market to restrain the natural greed. Scrap antitrust policies and offices. Stop to hear from self-appointed, false prophets of coming ecological disasters. At last but not at list: repeal all the norms of Civil Rights Act of 1964, restricting private persons and entities behavior. Scrap the EEOC .

The private discrimination is the integral component of the Freedom. Every your choice (really free choice) means discrimination against all the non-chosen options. You marry one woman means you discriminate against all the rest women. You’d prefer to  hire the best workers, so you are discriminate against inexperienced or lazy workers or the persons with spoiled reputation (spoiled in your subjective opinion). You follow moral values rooted in the Sinai Revelation? You are discriminating against Islam! To win Jihad on Discrimination means to finish Freedom, means to abandon free choice, moral values and common sense.

Stop Jihad on Discrimination, stop Jihad on successful businesses, stop Jihad on free human actions – enjoy fruits of free entrepreneurship, tough competition, enjoy high quality!

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