The Cologne New year: “where the men?”

The people asked after the event: “Where were German Policemen December, 31″? The smart journalist is asking the more general question on Cologne: ”Where were the German men>?” (the same question from US journalist).
The journalist’s own answer: “Postmodern cultural totalitarianism has changed the very nature of man” and this new branch of totalitarianism is to blame.
The best (IMHO) comment’s author (Jon David Natan) blames nanny state: “When society has been corrupted by what we call false doctrines (political correctness), and a nanny state is expected to supply all, yet refuses to protect those who would be protectors in the general population, animals will rule the streets. Survival instincts would tell those who would stand up, that it is futile and pointless to place themselves in harms’ way.”
The both are right. The both remind on our papers.
When men start to believe that women defense is the only Policemen responsibility (or Policewomen’s) no men, no Policemen are ready to charge, to fight rapists back. The choice highlighted by Wilhelm von Humboldt: “A State, then, has one of two ends in view; it designs either to promote happiness, or simply to prevent evil”. When the state, the government tries to promote happiness it claim monopoly for all kind of initiative: “monopoly on legitimate violence” leads to failure to protect, to provide this very violence in necessary place in time.
When man is not a king even in his own home he go on strike and cease to exist as a real man. Family and marriage crowded out by nanny state, the Family natural breadwinner and protector
Nanny state “responsible” for everything = not responsible for a thing. Big Government is natural consequence of modern left electoral power. The latter is outcome of establishment Universal Suffrage “Social” Democracy, cementing nanny state institutions.
Nanny state civil bureaucrats badly need to reinforce electoral support. The unadaptable, heavily dependent on budget immigrants are fit perfectly as a manpower for “Big Left – Big Government” voting.Universal Suffrage turned to be a principal component of Disease. The taxpayers’ Democracy restoration is necessary condition of cure and recovery.

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