Where are their children?

Euro-bureaucrats had invited  millions savages from Middle East and North Africa. It turned to be new “Europeans”  destined by Brussels to vote for Big Unlimited Government, say,  not obsessed by their children fate. Now it turned to be 10000 children missed and they even not care… They hate us more than love their children, as Golda Meir once has said.

Pay attention, no “official” feminists cry for the missed children, no one child-caring bureaucrat has been detected working hard to prevent massive disappearance.  The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) of September 2, 1990 prepared and adopted mainly as an judicial instrument to take a child from the family “in the best interests of the child” (see article 9) – it is not about missing 10000 children. Leftist Guardian already preparing to blame “white christian European men” for sex exploitation of poor cute creatures in the Hungary and in Germany.

So, unfortunately, our worst expectations on real intentions of governmental intervention in intra-family relations of law-abiding people of the West and, specifically regarding government which belongs in nursery come true.

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