To Kill Hope? In Search of a Reliable Strategy to Fight Terrorism

New paper’s ‘To Kill Hope?   In Search of a Reliable Strategy to Fight Terrorism’ draft  is uploaded for critics in free access at ssrn:
Nor does history of Israel suggest any reasonable expectation that terrorists will be appeased by concessions of any kind, whether transfer of funds or relinquishing territory to terrorist control. Neither statistical analysis nor the study of particular cases support such a hypothesis.

The same feeling had expressed B.Netanyahu: ‘Terror comes from hope, not frustration’
The immediate and most obvious criterion of success for belligerent is the control of new territory and its population, which allows terrorists freedom of movement and opportunities to try new terrorist technologies and take the initiative in dynamic situations. Loss of land and population, humiliating defeat, or ostentatious display of triumph by the enemy, in contrast, discourage both terrorist leaders and perpetrators, who would lose the posthumous reward typically promised them in the guise of prestige and income for their families.
Factual instances and statistical data provide evidence to support the hypothesis that terrorism is best put down by force. When opting for such a strategy, it is of critical importance that military personnel be provided with appropriate legal protection.
Few additional stories available in Supplemental materials.
The paper contains three stories. The 1st – Israel legal system take its position at war. Since Israel court system choose to become politicized and sided Left parties in their political struggle. Judges’ decisions regarding security problems experienced pretty specific shift to the position, presented below. The 2nd covers issue of competing claims for murder, proving rational approach of terrorists gangs leaders in their fundraising. The 3rd story brings rational interpretation for Israel mainstream (leftist) mass Medias’ coverage of terrorism in support of “peace process” solution.

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