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Measuring de facto Constitutional constraints: the article just published

Journal of Constitutional Political Economy just published on-line our article “A Proposal for a More Objective Measure of De Facto Constitutional Constraints”. Simple and easily correctable measures of institutions are based on observable / detectable events, not on the experts’ … Continue reading

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The Torah as the source of economic freedom and its sustainability

At first glance, the Torah does not address the issues of economic and social order (surely, it does not discuss distinctions between free capitalist and socialist approaches). Talmudic sources, occasionally restricting economic freedom, often reflected realities of communities which survived … Continue reading

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Elections as a choice between terrorists’ gangs

Could be Democracy a “quality good” (in economic sense) for somebody, in the violent conflict zone? Sure, and here is some evidences from Arabian Autonomy (Israel) and Chechen Republic (Russia): (: Democracy: a Conflict Extinguisher or a Fuel for Terror?). The … Continue reading

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November 23 2011 Round Table

Вариант книги соответствующий печатному изданию (страницы в следствие проблем с форматированием при конвертации из программы для верстки могут не совпадать с содержанием). LISIN-1volume Трехтомный вариант (с дополнениями и исправлениями, выделенными серой подсветкой): 3volumeedition_rawmater  

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