Elections as a choice between terrorists’ gangs

Could be Democracy a “quality good” (in economic sense) for somebody, in the violent conflict zone? Sure, and here is some evidences from Arabian Autonomy (Israel) and Chechen Republic (Russia): http://ssrn.com/abstract=2458837 (: Democracy: a Conflict Extinguisher or a Fuel for Terror?).

The paper originally presented at Public Choice 2006 conference.  The paper originally presented at Public Choice 2006 conference just updated and uploaded at SSRN.

Attempt to establish democracy (elections) before tradition to revere human life, dignity and property has deeply rooted failed as well.  Implications for Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, majority of Sub-Saharan countries look quite obvious.

It doesn’t means one shouldn’t build Democracy. It means, one should start to build it on the basis of old, well-known and well tested “technologies”, not to invent new and accelerated ones.



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