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Where are their children?

Euro-bureaucrats had invited  millions savages from Middle East and North Africa. It turned to be new “Europeans”  destined by Brussels to vote for Big Unlimited Government, say,  not obsessed by their children fate. Now it turned to be 10000 children … Continue reading

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Do I need ID to vote? Carpetbaggers and electoral fraud come back

Washington Post have published just before November 2014 Elections short Manual on “where to commit electoral fraud”. The fraud masters from Democratic party supporting Unions got the signal and interpreted it quite clearly and rationally (the fact they failed generally … Continue reading

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The Cologne New year: “where the men?”

The people asked after the event: “Where were German Policemen December, 31″? The smart journalist is asking the more general question on Cologne: ”Where were the German men?” (the same question from US journalist). The journalist’s own answer: “Postmodern cultural … Continue reading

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Anti -parent bill lost, 5th Commandment won by … leftists, feminists votes

Anti – parent bill “Parents and their Kids” (see M.Feiglin’s comments on the bill) was defeated today in Knesset 41:42. The bill adoption’s main consequence would be aggravated enforcement in Israel so called Convention on the Rights of the Child … Continue reading

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Refugees’ invasion

Syrian “refugees invasion actualizes problems we addressed in our book. First and foremost it is an issue of corruption of incentives by welfare state. Politicians encouraged to “import” voters, bureaucrats to “import” new clients, supportive to their claim for more … Continue reading

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Capitalism and Greed. Our Greed

Moshe Feiglin wrote: “It is our gas!” cry the witch-hunters. Every reporter, publicist and populistic MK have suddenly morphed into Robin Hood – robbing the rich to give to the poor. But if they are so right, why aren’t they … Continue reading

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Notes on New and Old Military Justice, Army’s ethics & Morale

Modern military Justice punishes officers and soldiers of democratic nations’ armies for their military success. “Excessive use of force” and similar artificial judicial constructions undermine incentives of army officers, making the military machine virtually inoperative. Artificially abridged Army capability prevents … Continue reading

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How to import modern Western Institutions Suppresses Economic Growth?

The Guide to the Book “Institutional Constraints on Modern Economic Growth” uploaded at SSRN and at RePEc. The Russian edition was published in 2011 in “Delo” publishers. Projected title of the book English version is “How to import modern Western … Continue reading

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Why some minorities are more equal than others?

Why not all minorities are “minor enough”; why unfair enforcement is fair for somebody: here is 1st draft of the new paper “The Puzzle of Selectivity in Fighting Discrimination: A Public Choice Approach”. Advocates of the war against discrimination and … Continue reading

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What these parties stand for, really? XX Knesset Elections

Why people less and less interested in the parties’ electoral platforms? Why Leftists in spite of numerous failures in security (“Peace Process”) and in spite of poor performance in economic issues are going on in pushing their radical ideas and … Continue reading

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